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When in March 1999, CancerBACUP (now part of Macmillan Cancer Support) closed their counselling service in order to redirect resources to information work, their team of specialist counsellors and psychotherapists decided to build on their combined experience and skills to establish an independent counselling centre. This was the team that founded The Cancer Counselling Trust and played a key role in its development.

Funding a free service proved ever more difficult and in August 2010, we finally had to let go of the dream and allow the charity to close, comforted by the fact that over the previous 10 years we had provided over 2000 people with counselling sessions and helped many more who rang us in distress. We trust that one day therapeutic support will be recognized as an essential part of the care package for all those who need it.


Tony Ambrose, Alice Bulman, Christine Bradler, Clare Crombie, Jane Fior, Jonathan Hartley, Elizabeth Jacobs, Sue Soave, Dilys Stinson.

In addition, two other people played key roles in establishing the service. Liz Hopkinson, the team’s supervisor, served on the original Management Committee and Board of Trustees and ensured that ethical standards were enshrined in the charity’s constitution and practice. Richard Conradi also served on the Management Committee and Board of Trustees and provided essential financial and management skills. Both went on to act as Chair of the Board of Trustees at different times.

The Cancer Counselling

Trust has now closed.